My life.

I been changing my life. I been on a diet over four weeks & doing well. Im glad because im feeling a different in my life. I lost 14 pounds which makes me feel great. You might think that’s not a lot but if you think about it its better then nothing. I have a lot more to lose i don’t wanna be this way i wanna be something different. It takes time but i will get threw it. One of these days ill be happier about my body. It might take a year or so but well worth it. I wanna at least lose 40 pounds. Being healthy is pretty much the main thing in life. I’m not happy with my life with the part of being big thats why i changed my life. I’m going to look back at old pictures from time i was little chunky to the time i achieve while losing. I’m hoping to lose weight before next summer, hoping this damn world don’t end. By the end of this year im hoping i at least lose 20 but i think i should be able to lose about 30. I’m trying my best and doing the right thing. Well just wanna put my life out there. <3